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Welcome to the beta version of SPCI Global Pulp & Paper Community!

SPCI Global Pulp & Paper Community is the social network for the people working in the forest industry worldwide. Join today - it is free!


Step 1. Fill out the form

Getting started is simple - read through the terms and fill out the form on the start page. If you are a member of the SPCI you already have an account (contact SPCI if you have lost your login details).

Step 2. Settings

Before you start: Please note that everything marked with * is compulsory information.

When you have created an account, please go to Settings (below your profile picture in the left column). Under Settings you can update your personal information that is directly connected to your account, such as name, email address, password, privacy level, profile picture etc. Under settings you find the following sub meny:

  • Account
  • Profile image
  • CV
  • Vcard


This is where you can update your account information. Please note that your email address is connected to your login as well as a notification system. If someone leaves you a message on GPPC a notification will be sent to your given email address. Privacy level: You can choose between an open profile or a closed one. If you choose a closed profile only your profile picture, name and company will be visible to community members. Your full profile will be visible only to your contacts. Please note: In order to get access to other peoples' full profiles you must add them as contacts and vice versa.

Profile Image

Upload, crop and change your profile image here.


Add presentation, Occupations/Work experience, Educations and Languages.


Make sure your Vcard contains the right information. Your contacts will be able to download your Vcard.

Step 3. Your Profile and Inbox

Find your personal profile and email account under Profile and Inbox in the main menu. Use your inbox to send messages to your contacts on Global Pulp & Paper Community. Messages are only visible to you and the receiver/s of your messages.

Your profile consists of the following sub menu:

  • Wall
  • CV
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Groups


Activities by you or your friends are posted here.


Your CV page contains a Vcard, short presentation, work experience, educations and spoken languages. To edit CV, please go to Settings.


The guestbook is open for your contacts to leave a public message.


Your news page gathers news from the groups you have joined and added to your news page.

To add news please go to Groups/Add new group under Profile. Please observe that you have to be a member of a group in order to be able to add news from a group to your profile.

If you click on Groups in the main menu you will find a list of all groups on Global Pulp & Paper Community.

Scroll down this page for further information about Groups.


Add important events and meetings to your calendar. You can choose to make them visible for you only or for your contacts.


Create photo albums with comments.


A list of your contacts. A persons' full profile will be visible to you after you both have accepted each other as contacs. A profile can also be public if the owner of the profile has set her/his privacy level to open (under Settings/Account).

Accept a person as contact by adding him/her as contact. You can use the Search function in the top right corner to search for people in the community.


A group is a company/organisation page administrated by the same company/organisation.

A group can be open or closed. An open group is public and free for everyone to join. If you would like to become a member of a closed group you have to apply for membership.

You can view or search for groups that you are not a member of. Go to Groups in the main menu or use the search function in the top right corner.

Groups you have joined/are a member of are listed under Profile/Groups.

Download Groups Manual (SWE)

Now you are ready to explore the possibilities of SPCI Global Pulp & Paper Community! If you have any questions please contact webmaster under Contact in the main menu.